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Boundless is the Official ÖSD Examination Center in Kochi, Kerala, India. Boundless was founded based on the vision of its founders to deliver world-class education in Kerala. At Boundless, we employ unique and highly efficient teaching methodologies that are used within various European Education Systems. 


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We’ve come a long way since our humble beginning.

Excellent5.0 Based on 354 reviews from review us onMiniMini ★★★★★ Sunani K JaimSunani K Jaim ★★★★★ The best… 🫶🏻 So happy with the teaching and guidance. The best part is friendly Mam, Staffs and Students. Feels like home..Arjun AjithArjun Ajith ★★★★★ Fabi FathimaFabi Fathima ★★★★★ Boundless institute is very good . OverallTeaching experience is very good, all theInstructors are very coperativeTigin ThomasTigin Thomas ★★★★★ I personally had a very good experience in learning from Boundless. They have qualified and experienced trainers.Very friendly and positive attitude towards students.vineesh vmvineesh vm ★★★★★ I highly recommend Boundless institution. The teachers in this institute are highly qualified.Badarunnissa T.kBadarunnissa T.k ★★★★★ I had a great experience at Boundless Academy. It was very much interactive learning sessions. Thankyou Tijitha maamVishnu PachVishnu Pach ★★★★★ Excellent! The service exceeded my expectations.AamiadarshAamiadarsh ★★★★★ I highly recommended boundless institution.Teachers are very good and qualifiedSweeka Theresa M. AnilSweeka Theresa M. Anil ★★★★★ The classes and teachers are really good. Faculties are well experienced and students could get wonderful experiences and proficiency in German language..18 Hanima kishor18 Hanima kishor ★★★★★ Very good teachers and Good teaching...Abhiram KrishnaAbhiram Krishna ★★★★★ Abinash BabuAbinash Babu ★★★★★ Boundless German Language Institute offers an immersive and comprehensive learning experience. Their skilled instructors create a supportive environment, catering to all proficiency levels.Boundless is a top choice for anyone eager to master the German language.John KjJohn Kj ★★★★★ Joel JohnsonJoel Johnson ★★★★★ I was very much satisfied learning at this Institute. Especially with the way of teaching I recommend this institute for learning German . Teaching is very good I can say outstanding Teachers are very nice and helpful and staff is also very nice and helpful .Thanks to boundless ❤️Ansifa PonnuAnsifa Ponnu ★★★★★ Deepak sDeepak s ★★★★★ Top 1 institution for german,They have many well qualified and certified C2 tutors for taking the German classes.John GeorgeJohn George ★★★★★ I had a fantastic experience at Boundless Academy. It was very much interactive learning sessions. They spent so much time for helping us. I really like this place.Romance worldRomance world ★★★★★ Annamaria BijuAnnamaria Biju ★★★★★ Antony PaulAntony Paul ★☆☆☆☆ Very disrespectful approach from the management, they focus more on fees not on teaching, I think all those 5 star rewiews are paid. Avduthe students nikkunna hostel is vare poyi commission choikkum. Teaching is good but bayankara veruppikkal aanu.Chiku RichuChiku Richu ★★★★★ Being a working professional at a very young age, I always doubted my ability to parallel my german studies along with my job.But BOUNDLESS has taught me the significance of "Consistency" which is why I could pass my B2 exam within a short period of time.Even investing the smallest amount of time everyday for learning a foriegn language can do wonders in the long run.There are always stages in this language learning time period where you feel there is no progress,but let me assure you it's completely natural and everyone faces it .Just like a rollercoaster, consisting of ups and downs, enjoy the process along with your classmates and you,ll do fine.For those doubting about the credibility of ösd exam in comparison to Goethe,telc, TestDaF let me reconfirm that all the above exams are equally relevant to each other as ösd just like the others also demonstrates your caliber in German.This place will always stand unique if you wish to learn German the efficient way.Lastly to my fellow aspirants, Trust the process,results will flow.GODWIN VADAKKANGODWIN VADAKKAN ★★★★★ Jimmy JosephJimmy Joseph ★★★★★ Very good place to learn German. Very helpful staff especially Tijitha madam.Binny GeorgeBinny George ★★★★★ Boundless institute is the best institute to study German language. I studied from A1 - B2 here and now passed B2 ösd exam. At first i joined for A1 in another institute in kaloor which was a total disaster. They were not at all professional with their teaching methods and all the faculties were b2 passed students who aged from 18 - 20. So i decided to quit from that institution and after searching a lot i found boundless. I was skeptical at first but after seeing the reviews i decided to jóin here. It was an AMAZING EXPERIENCE.i studied A1 offline and my faculty was Mr.Philipp from Germany. Then as i moved from EKM i went online and then my faculties were A2 - suchithra mam,B1 - Shilpa mam, B2 ,Surbhi mam and Tijitha mam. All of them are C1/C2 qualified .Trust me when i say this, many people might say studying German language online is really difficult, yes it is difficult but if you have the right faculty, who is always available to you to clear any doubts , then you don't need to worry at all. I studied online from A2 - B2 in boundless and it was the best decision i took so far. As an internal student my exam fee was low and whenever i had some doubts about the exam, the director of the institute (Tijitha mam) and my B2 faculty surbhi mam helped me to clear it (they were really approachable to clear any doubts🙂). Now i passed my B2 exam and doing my process with the help of boundless .I'm writing this long review because i hope it helps others to find the right institute like it helped me. Thank you Boundless. ❤️❤️❤️__rogin ๖ۣۜFѳ͢x๛__rogin ๖ۣۜFѳ͢x๛ ★★★★★ Excellent teaching by German tutors .Felix BijuFelix Biju ★★★★★ Habibi come to boundless for better experience 😁nobil mathewnobil mathew ★★★★★ Abdus samadAbdus samad ★★★★★ Akshaya AntonyAkshaya Antony ★★★★★ Sneha SSneha S ★★★★★ HEAVENLY PLAGUEHEAVENLY PLAGUE ★★★★★ Jeevan SajuJeevan Saju ★★★★★ It is a great experience to learn with Boundless✨Karthik BijuKarthik Biju ★★★★★ Abhinav P. AAbhinav P. A ★★★★★ Alan SebastianAlan Sebastian ★★★★★ Achsah ThomasAchsah Thomas ★★★★★ The best option to learn German at affordable price is boundless.. I love this place very much.. and also teaching is very efficient...Ansifa PonnuAnsifa Ponnu ★★★★★ my personally experience experience with German language learning was shaped by the exceptional teaching of my favourite instructor,tijitha mam founder of boundless. Their expertise and professional approach created a solid foundation for my language skills. Kudos to the team for fostering such a positive learningEldhose BabyEldhose Baby ★★★★★ Great place to the people who are looking for learning german.Then i strongly recommend boundless.The staffs are very helpful and they give very good guidance. They spent so much time for helping us. I really like this place.Neha BijuNeha Biju ★★★★★ I had a fantastic experience at Boundless Academy. The high-quality teachers and faculty made learning German a wonderful journey.Blessy ShibuBlessy Shibu ★★★★★ It was an amazing experience with boundless.They provide good facilities and training ❤️Gouri PradeepGouri Pradeep ★★★★★ All Perfect 😌👍🏻Gopika NairGopika Nair ★★★★★ Best German language institute in kerala🫶🏻. Teachers are so friendlyAnsalna LatheefAnsalna Latheef ★★★★★ Aparna AparnaAparna Aparna ★★★★★ Adam SackariyaAdam Sackariya ★★★★★ raxzraxz ★★★★★ Besser 💗Mansoor LatheefMansoor Latheef ★★★★★ The best language institutethank you boundless 🤝Farooq YousefFarooq Yousef ★★★★★ Remosh RemoRemosh Remo ★★★★★ Riyas Riyas TsRiyas Riyas Ts ★★★★★ Nithul GaneshNithul Ganesh ★★★★★ Amal ManojAmal Manoj ★★★★★ feba p henryfeba p henry ★★★★★ I highly recommend BOUNDLESS institution. The teachers in this institution are highly qualified.EspeciallyTijitha mam is a wonderful teacher who ensures that all her students learn the language and come to appreciate the beauty of it. She covers all facets of the language including reading, writing, listening and speaking. Even with the popular opinion that german grammar is difficult, she breaks it down so well for her students and makes it comprehensible. I have decided to continue my journey until B2 with Tijitha mam. If learning German is on the cards for you, I'd highly recommended that you start your journey with mam and Boundless institution . You'll be in safe hands!JacobJacob ★★★★★ Loving it here. But it's challenging, no matter how good the teachers you need to work on yourself to get the result.Allu HomeAllu Home ★★★★★ 💯👌🏻Aleena JobyAleena Joby ★★★★★ Babu CBabu C ★★★★★ Kavya MKavya M ★★★★★ Anna RoseAnna Rose ★★★★★ Ashna BijumonAshna Bijumon ★★★★★ It was a great experience with boundless.Bijith BijuBijith Biju ★★★★★ Sethu SSethu S ★★★★★ Andriya MiltonAndriya Milton ★★★★★ Manoj S nemmaraManoj S nemmara ★★★★★ Muhammed JabirMuhammed Jabir ★★★★★ BINITHA BENNYBINITHA BENNY ★★★★★ I highly recommend this Institution.The classes provided here are excellent, with dedicated attention given to each student. It has greatly enhanced my language skills, and the fees are affordable . They also offer specialized training for each module.Sinan SmsSinan Sms ★★★★★ Rijohn travel TechRijohn travel Tech ★★★★★ Fahad ShafiFahad Shafi ★★★★★ Had a very memorable time in the institute. Learned A1. Good cooperative staff and team. Good standard classes. Special mention tijitha mam and rahman sir😁.Divya VargheseDivya Varghese ★★★★★ Eldhose ShajanEldhose Shajan ★★★★★ Don BennyDon Benny ★★★★★ shoby sebastianshoby sebastian ★★★★★ Sary m sSary m s ★★★★★ I have completed my B1 level of German language training at boundless academy and had one of the best learning experience of language here.The teaching method is very very interactive. It's not just like a routine lecture method only. There is team & paired activities, pictures, videos to make things interesting.The Teachers call us individually to respond or they promote us to speak Deutsch in between the class. They used to make us read the contents of the class. It really helped me to improve my pronounciation. We should try our best. Even if it is wrong, don't worry if we remained mute we will not study. The teacher will tell you the correct method. Even if we miss our classes , the Teachers used to take effort to repeat that topic even in holidays & will make us understand . Here the techers are giving individual attention & they know the weakness of the students, so that they give more attention to improve all our weakness. I really thank my teachers Danny and Muskaan for helping me to pass my exam .The study in Boundless Institute is not just learning a language but also the culture & way of life .They gives you a good base in Deutsch, which is very important to live in Germany .The ösd exam preparation is also very helpful which will make us confident to write exam.I personally recommend boundless for learning german . I specially thank our director Tijitha ma’am , she coordinated everything professionally and kept us all updated.She used to provide revision classes , it really helped me a lot. It is a very good experience. I am so grateful to boundless 💕💕💕SereneSerene ★★★★★ I have been a student at this institute for the past 6 months. I did the A1 and A2 levels of the German course, and I'm happy with the result. I am currently doing my B1 course. Learning a new language has never been this enjoyable. They teach us not only the language but also about the German culture, which I find different from other institutes. Classes are fun, and the teachers are well-versed in the language. Teachers are C2-qualified. They are very friendly and can be approached with our doubts at any time without any hesitation.**update: I have completed my B2 course and cleared the B2 ÖSD exam on my first attempt. I am grateful to all the staff of Boundless, especially my tutor, Tijitha Ma'am for helping me to achieve this milestone!Sneha MuraliSneha Murali ★★★★★ Anna FrancisAnna Francis ★★★★★ Boundless is one of the top German institutes in Kerala. They have highly qualified faculties with C1/C2 levels. I successfully completed my A1 to B2 levels at Boundless and passed B2 on my first attempt. I'm extremely grateful to be a part of this institution and I want to express my heartfelt thanks to all the faculties and staff, especially my tutor Tijitha ma'am, for their invaluable guidance and support in helping me achieve this milestone.AmMooz AamiAmMooz Aami ★★★★★ MEBIN CBMEBIN CB ★★★★★ Albin J panickerAlbin J panicker ★★★★★ German padikkan Anne eni vere oru institute nokkenda .Ippo thanne vannoBoundless Kochi 📍✨Josna JohnsonJosna Johnson ★★★★★ Georgekutty SojanGeorgekutty Sojan ★★★★★ Njan A1 muthal B2 vare boundlessil aan padichat. Ividuthe Tutors ellavarum valare helpful aan especially Tijitha maam.Athkond thanne enik first attemptil thanne B2 exam pass aakan kazinju.JohnJohn ★★★★★ The instructors are really good and explained me with many real-time examples. The institution has very good infrastructure and also good for studying. I will surely recommend this institute if u want to improve your German language skills and knowledge.Alwin BijuAlwin Biju ★★★★★ Germany padikkeno enna vanno ...Adipoli institute aaaa .Study with Enjoyment 😉Lekshmi VijayanLekshmi Vijayan ★★★★★ Therese ChackoTherese Chacko ★★★★★ It is a good experience with boundless.i can say boundless is best institute for german learners.The teachers are very cooperative and helpful👍🏻ELZITE MATHEWELZITE MATHEW ★★★★★ Awesome teaching... Everything was perfect.... Student - centered. Good teacher- student interactions, well organized classes.Ansila BAnsila B ★★★★★ The best for German learners. They provide exam centre too. It was an amazing experience with Boundless. They have wonderful classes and faculties.S J CreationsS J Creations ★★★★★ NiceRJ QuotesRJ Quotes ★★★★★ Individual attention, brilliant teaching. I'm always prefer BOUNDLESS for everyone....vishnu ajulvishnu ajul ★★★★★ Jacob RoyJacob Roy ★★★★★ An amazing institute for german language.Rosbin ShajiRosbin Shaji ★★★★★ Misha Merin GeorgeMisha Merin George ★★★★★ Devarenjini RDevarenjini R ★★★★★ Sarah ASarah A ★★★★★ geo menacherygeo menachery ★★★★★ It was great experience to be with Boundless to learn German Language. It was very much interactive learning sessions. Its was great fun learning, birthday parties, team outing, trips together. We get chance to learn and Interact with all levels of students and teachers in German language, we are always asked to talk in German language. Classes are too good, teacher are well experienced, very supportive faculty. Over all good experience. Five Star, keep the good work 👍🏻Pranith JosePranith Jose ★★★★★ ABHAY SANKAR PABHAY SANKAR P ★★★★☆ Gutjs_loader

Our Teachers

Tijitha German Language Teacher

Tijitha Sabu

Founder & Academic Director

Academic Team

Our teachers see themselves as your friends and partners. They are native speakers of standard German, and take genuine pleasure in working with you. They are highly qualified, motivated and experienced. 

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What is special about the German courses at Boundless

  • Boundless Kochi is an official, authorized Exam centre of Austrian German Language Diploma (OSD), recognized by over 1,000 universities in 40 countries.
  • Our courses follow a recognised curriculum from A1 to C2, corresponding to the levels of the “Common European Framework of Reference for Languages” (CEFR) and Profile deutsch.
  • Our Course Director and Founder, Tijitha Sabu, is a Swiss national of Malayalee origin, possessing extensive experience as a German and French trainer. She holds a teacher training degree from Switzerland and has pursued her education across various nations, including India, Austria, the United Kingdom, and Switzerland.
  • Small classes, active language use, transparent performance assessments, a carefully coordinated system of lessons, homework, and exams as well as a consistently German-speaking learning and living environment, supplemented by a varied cultural and leisure program
  • Since every group is different, our teachers take an individual approach to each group and flexibly adapt their teaching methods to students’ respective learning needs.
  • Course Materials include prescribed text books and reference materials, and model test materials for those writing the ÖSD exam.