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German A1
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German A1 Level: Your Gateway to German Language Proficiency

The “OSD Zertifikat A1” is the basic German A1 level course offered by Boundless. The course helps students get better at reading, writing, and speaking in German. The A1 German course structures itself to assist you in acquiring German grammar and vocabulary efficiently according to CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference) For languages. But it also aims to acquire skills to use it in a proper cultural and linguistic way.

At the end of this course, you will be able to carry out your basic daily conversations in German using simple words. Students can understand and use simple everyday situations. Students have the ability to present themselves and their peers. And they are able to respond to others’ questions.

Students who complete this course can take the OSD Zertifikat A1 Exam and obtain a certification.

What Will I Learn From the German A1 Level Course?

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  • German alphabets and their pronunciation
  • Basic Greetings
  • Numbers and time
  • Everyday vocabulary and simple phrases
  • Develop a proper communication skill to start and sustain a conversation in German for at least 3 minutes.
  • Sharpen their reading, listening, writing, and speaking skills.
  • It helps the students understand the specialities of German cultures.

What are the requirements for the A1 level?

  • There is no need for prior knowledge of German.
  • A good command of English will make the study process easier.

What is the difficulty level of the German A1 level?

People often view A1 as easier compared to higher proficiency levels. While English speakers do gain some advantages due to linguistic resemblances, they also encounter certain difficulties. During the course, you will do interactive exercises, listen to comprehension tasks, practice dialogues, and improve your language skills.

Our C2-qualified instructors will guide you through the entire language journey and ensure your progress. Enrol today for our specially crafted German A1 level course to open the door of possibilities. Boundless offers both online and offline A1 classes.

Course Duration:

  • It takes around 90 hours to complete this course.
  • Training at the overall level requires 75 hours.
  • Allocate 15 hours for studying and practicing for the exam.

Course Aim: 

A German A1 level course designed to get an overview of the basics of the German language After completing this course, one can understand and use basic vocabulary and phrases to satisfy their personal needs. It helps introduce oneself to others.

Learning objectives:


  1. Understanding the fundamentals of reading
  2. comprehending brief and straightforward texts and conversations.


  1. Discussing fundamental subjects like career, pastime, daily activities, and holidays
  2. Having the ability to compose both casual and formal emails and letters with ease.


  1. Introducing oneself and others met in daily situations.
  2. Having the ability to pose and respond to inquiries
  3. Understanding the fundamentals of describing images


  1. Understanding the basic conversations and reports
  2. Improving and nurturing the ability to listen and recognise known words

Evaluation of the Course:

Students will be evaluated on a weekly basis and receive feedback in class. They will also do memory exercises to improve vocabulary and have regular tests for reviewing and revising.

Course material: 

OSD Zertifikat A1 (reference book)

Preparation for the OSD A1 certification exam is included in the course, along with a guide on how to approach the A1 exam (check here). Additionally, we offer instruction for the A2, B1, and B2 levels of the German language, including advanced German.

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