ÖSD Zertifikat A1 (ZA1) – OSD


Writing (Reading, Listening, Writing)

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Our A1 German language course sets the foundation for learning German in an easily comprehendible format. The teaching methodology developed by our Institute continuously tests your skill in listening, reading, speaking and writing German as you progress. One of the unique advantages of our classes in that you can get a chance to interact with native German speakers subject to availability. Learning German might sound difficult at first instance but once you understand the nuances of the three grammatical genders, winding words, noun case endings, cognates/false cognates learning German will get simpler.

By the end of this course the one will be able to :

  • Understand familiar words and basic phrases when listening to conversations spoken clearly and slowly.
  • Read simple sentences, content on posters and catalogues.
  • Speak basic simple sentences, like introduction. 
  • Write simple sentences, write a postcard, greetings.

Course Duration Breakdown: 7 weeks
Classes – 5 Days/Week, 4 hours per day (6 weeks)
Exam Preparation – 1 week