ÖSD Zertifikat B1 (ZB1) – OSD





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For enrolling yourself for the German B1 course, the candidate is expected to have passed the German A2 level. This level is moderately tough and requires active participation of the student. This level is ideal if you plan to study, work or live in Germany.

By the end of this course the one will be able to :

  • Listen and understand main points during work, school or private  conversations.
  • Read and understand everyday texts or letters related to personal and  professional matters.
  • Begin to start having conversations on various topics in personal and professional areas of interest.
  • Start to write texts on familiar topics and write letters explaining experiences  and impressions.

Course Duration Breakdown:10 weeks
Classes – 5 Days/Week, 4 hours per day (6 weeks)
Exam Preparation – 4 weeks