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German C2 level:- Mastering German 

The ‘OSD zertifikat C2’ is the mastery level German language course offered by boundless. The German C2 level, often referred to as “proficient” or “mastery,” is the highest level of language proficiency in the CEFR scale. 

The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) is a widely recognised system for evaluating language proficiency. The CEFR categorises language proficiency into six levels: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, and C2. Each level represents a different degree of competence and ability in the language.

At C2 level, language learners should have advanced and almost native language skills. They understand almost everything they hear or read, speak easily and accurately, and can understand subtle differences in complicated situations. It involves a high level of accuracy, fluency, and sophistication in language use.

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What you will Learn from German C2 level course

  • Acquiring an extensive and nuanced lexicon
  • Becoming skilled at difficult grammar rules.
  • Using advanced grammar techniques to enhance communication and expression..
  • Understanding and studying difficult texts like books, research papers, legal papers, and news articles.
  • Understanding complex spoken language, such as lectures, debates, interviews, and casual conversations.
  • Speaking confidently and fluently in different situations, like debates, presentations, and discussions.
  • Improving speech to sound almost like a native speaker by focusing on pronunciation, intonation, and accent.
  • Creating clear, organised, and convincing written works like essays, reports, critiques, and summaries.
  • Learning about German culture, customs, traditions, and current topics in depth.
  • Learning about culture, norms, values, and discussing them.
  • Improving critical thinking by analyzing and evaluating complex arguments, ideas, and texts in German.
  • Creating convincing points and counterpoints efficiently.

Requirements For C2 level course

The requirements to join a German C2 course can differ based on the school, country, or program. At C2 level, you should be very skilled in German. Here are typical requirements you might encounter:

  • Prior certification or proof of completion of a German C1 level course or equivalent proficiency. This could include Osd Zertifikat C1 or Goethe or TestDaF with a high score. 
  • Some experience in writing academic or professional texts in German, like writing a research paper or business proposal.
  • A strong motivation to learn German at the highest level.

It’s important to check with Boundless for the most accurate and up-to-date requirements for enrollment.

Difficulty level of C2

To reach C2 in German, you must have a strong understanding of German grammar and vocabulary. You need to use the language well in different situations. You must understand and make complex texts, and communicate effectively in formal and informal situations.

The C2 level in German is very complex. It takes a long time to reach this level. However, with hard work and dedication, it is possible to achieve mastery at this level.

Getting to C2 in German is hard, but it’s worth the effort. It will give you many new chances for learning and career growth.

Our trained native language teachers will help you on your language journey. Enrol today for our specially crafted German C2 level course to open the door of possibilities. 

Course duration

To take an OSD German C2 course, contact us directly for information on the course duration. 

Course Aim

The goal of a German C2 course is to help learners reach a very advanced level of German language skills. We follow the highest level of CEFR standards, which is C2.

The German C2 course helps learners become highly proficient in academic and professional settings. It enables effective communication with the German-speaking world.

Learning objectives


  • Understand a wide range of challenging, longer texts, and recognise implicit meaning.
  • Identify the main points of complex arguments and follow the development of an author’s train of thought.
  • Understand texts on abstract and concrete topics, including technical discussions in a field of specialisation.


  • Write organised, detailed text on complex topics, using patterns, connectors, and cohesive devices effectively.
  • Write in a style appropriate to the target audience and purpose.
  • Use words well to express subtle differences in meaning accurately.


  • Speak well, understand nuances, even in tough situations, with natural fluency and accuracy.
  • Participate effectively in discussions and negotiations.
  • Give clear, detailed presentations on complex subjects.


  • Comprehend long speeches and lectures, even if they are complex.
  • Understand most TV news and current affairs programs.
  • Understand the majority of films in high German.

Evaluation of the course

The German C2 is a certification for German language skills at a high level. The evaluation process involves assessing various language skills and competencies. The course includes Reading, writing, listening and speaking examinations. 

The assessment looks at language skills, cultural awareness, and vocabulary range. Successful candidates receive the OSD Zertifikat C2 certificate. The course prepares candidates for the exam by teaching them advanced language, culture, and critical thinking.